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Workshops and Classes

EMERGE is pleased to offer the following regularly scheduled educational and enrichment classes for individuals, couples, and parents to improve their family dynamics. Click on each class below to view upcoming workshop dates and to register.

Co-Parenting Workshops

For Parents Not Living Together

This is an interactive group class geared towards unmarried, divorced, and divorcing parents that are living in separate households. This class focuses on teaching skills for productive, healthy communication and conflict resolutions.

Pre-Marital Workshops

Before you say "I Do"

This workshop is geared for the newly engaged and those thinking of marriage. Marriage is a serious step intended to be a life-long commitment. The Pre-Marital Workshop teaches couples and individuals powerful skills for building and maintaining a healthy relationship, managing expectations, and creating romantic love to create a loving and deeply satisfying marriage. During this workshop, you will complete a "Prepare and Enrich Pre-Marital Inventory." This inventory includes the 13 pertinent issues for couples entering the bonds of matrimony. The Pre-Marital Workshop consists of 9 two-hour weekly sessions.

Marriage Workshops

Keys For A Happy Relationship

This workshop is geared for married couples and those in a committed relationship. Marriage is a serious step intended to be a life-long commitment. The Marriage Enrichment Workshop teaches keys and exercises to keeping and maintaining a healthy relationship, re-creating and energizing romantic love for a deeply satisfying marriage. The Marriage Enrichment Workshop consists of 4 two-hour weekly sessions.

Couples Intensive Class

Focusing On Your Relationship

Are you feeling helpless and hopeless in your relationship? Are you feeling like you have done everything you can and your relationship is not improving? This one-day intensive couples session is for you. This intensive session is design to determine and highlight the destructive patterns in your relationship, provides repair guidance, and focuses on ways to perceive the conflicts and gridlock issues in your relationship in a new way. Let us help you plant different seeds in your relationship so you can create a different harvest.